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Warehouse/Logistics Personnel (Packers) - Laguna

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Supply Chain

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Job Description and Qualification:

You are responsible to ensure proper/safe cartons packing and handling of goods and documents for storage to and from Client’s Customer premises for carton storage and retrieval.

General Tasks

                     Ensure the load is correctly placed and secured to avoid any damage to the goods

                     Access checks when required

                     Assisting with monthly stock take counts of packaging supplies

                     Maintenance of Clients’ cartons, document and household goods.

                     Warehouse handling of goods or carton repacking as applicable.

                     Loading up and off; to and from vehicles assigned by the Client.

                     Provide high quality customer service.

                     House/Office inspection at the pickup address to see what has to be moved, packed and labeled.

                     Loading of goods onto the truck either by hand or using a forklift, trolleys, lifting straps or lifting hooks while observing safety requirements.

                     Using pads to make sure items such as fridges, couches and beds are not damaged.

                     Ensuring the load is correctly placed and secured to avoid any damage to the truck or to the goods.

                     Assisting with navigation and truck maintenance on long distance trips.

                     Assisting drivers when reversing or parking in tight spots.

                     Unloading goods and move them into the drop off address, unpacking if required.

                     Checking items against inventory, noting any wear and tear or damage.

                     Provide high quality customer service.

                     Loading and unloading of containers in store.

                     Putting away stock supplies (packing material, cartons etc)

                     Completing paperwork accurately and efficiently and submit to Operations office or others, as appropriate.

                     Utilizing and encouraging environmentally sustainable practices, including:

·                     Recycling boxes and packaging materials wherever possible;

·                     Reducing natural resources (water, fuel, energy, paper) whenever practical.