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Workforce Analyst

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Human Resource

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Job Profile Description

The Workforce Management Analyst is responsible for the daily efforts to provide a great customer and employee experience by effectively delivering real-time (intra-day) management with the purpose of optimizing resources to achieve business objectives. Key functional responsibility includes the ability to demonstrate a strong understanding of how planning/forecasting staffing requirements translate to the creation of optimal schedules and real-time (intra-day) management to support multi-department contact center operations.


•Maintain 6 weeks rolling published schedules

•Annual vacation process

•Coordinate with Trainers to make cross training recommendations

•Ad hoc requests (ex. extended hours, flexible schedules, queue consolidation)

•Maintain accurate, effective schedules for all CSP's ensuring proper coverage in multiple queues

•Monitor Intra-day service level and staffing conditions using Verint Scheduling software

•Provide regular updates to call centre leaders and staff with regard to service and staffing conditions

•Develop and implement appropriate and timely Service Level Action Plans that may include adjustments to on-line and off-line staffing

•Provide communication and direction to call centre leaders and staff in the implementation of Service Level Action Plans

•Input changes to agent schedules into Verint in an accurate and timely manner

•Complete other tasks as needed to meet daily operational requirements

•Optimize / Redeploy staffing to improve service and cost

•Administer daily absenteeism / coverage

•Adjust / Optimize Schedule events

•Agent skilling / monitor and resolve Max Waits

•Offline opportunities for BU

•Intraday Communication: Service & Action Plan Updates

•Ongoing communication with the partners on interval/period service delivery, updates on daily huddle action plan

•Urgent/New/Unexpected real-time conditions, SVL Contingency Matrix

•WFM Daily Huddles & Report

•Service Outlook by Week, Day, Interval (+1wk-15mins, ongoing)

•Variance analysis vs. ST Forecast, Intraday Reforecast / change log

•Over/Under Staffing / Action Planning (including carry over from ST), Overtime

•Intraday Reforecasts for KPIs --Daily Volume, AHT, Shrinkage distributions – based on Today – Previous 1-4 weeks